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Are you African ?

April 2019 | Addis Ababa Airport
Sometimes in life, you feel nothing, NONE facing the most credible mathematical equations. If we truly believe in the future of the African continent, we should outstrip the basic stigmatization around colour, ethnicity and gender.
When a black African interrogates you in the endless Ethiopian Airlines queue just because you're too white to be African, nay not African enough to his too sophisticated taste, you're supposed to justify your position, show your passport, say something . . . Otherwise, he will win his own game ! Because, on the other hand, he is a true African, a guaranteed version. But, on my hands ears, all what I had was the Africa map earrings to state something as I had nothing to prove.
Fortunately for me, or not, I had to skip the queue to board, the plane to Frankfurt was leaving in less than 15 minutes . . . 
None is out of danger !
When the smile revolution disturbs some corners, the terms of practicing finger-pointing get back …
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Long live the people !

The king is dead . . . Few years ago, I was reading a book, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and on my mind, I could pictualize a constant thought of Algeria, my beloved Dzayer. I suddenly remembered a quote that says «The king is dead, long live the king». This quote has made monarchies and consequently, a country named Algeria. I was born in the middle of the black decade and I had Liamine ZĂ©roual for president, yet, I was unconscious back then. Few years later, came the King, aka, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria's immobile mommy. And we lived . . . 
For twenty years, we survived !
I remember a conversation I had towards the end of 2018 with a Kenyan friend, Kiama, about the political situation of Algeria. Back then, I was convinced that to survive is not that bad. I had this genuine idea of countries' comparison to admit that Algeria is doing well. Meanwhile, it could be doing great but not at a time where myself and my people have been into twenty years, not to say more, of steady…